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Isaac turns two

This week my third baby and first son turned two. Birthdays are really flippin’ hard for mommas. It’s such a joy to see your child growing up, but I hate realizing that he isn’t my little baby anymore and all these sweet cuddles will someday end.


Well, that’s a bit of a downer. I’ll try to focus on all the positive from this point forth, but honestly, I’m an emotional wreck so don’t hold me to that.

Let’s go over what we did that day. We woke up bright and early to spend the day at the dentist’s office getting our teeth cleaned. Fun, right? Probably the best birthday ever haha! That’s what’s so great with these tiny humans – they don’t really care what you’re doing as long you’re doing it together.


This picture is me and the boys in the waiting area of the dentist’s office. We tend to take over small establishments with our size. Yes, Isaac was stripping for the elderly couple waiting with us. Clothes are for the birds. I can’t tell you how many times I put his clothes back on him during our visit. The birthday boy wanted to show off his birthday suit… *ba dum tss* No? Ok. Sorry, I tried to be funny.


We spent the rest of the day doing the customary   birthday traditions of opening presents, blowing out candles and Isaac’s personal favorite – eating cupcakes! And, seriously, who can blame him? How amazing do those cupcakes look? We bought those from our local bakery.


I think the best part of birthdays for mommas is the looks on their babies’ faces that so clearly show how loved and special they feel. Those sweet moments make my heart leap in my chest.

I’m about to get super mushy, so you’ve been warned. Here is my birthday letter to Isaac:

Dear Isaac,
Today you are two. It doesn’t seem possible that it’s time that I wrote that. Two is such a hard one for mommy. It’s the year that I cannot pretend you are a baby any longer. This is the year that you become a little boy – this is a transition year. I cling to those once chubby little fingers of yours, as you pull away and chase after new adventures. Sometimes all I want is to rock you and hold you close for always. I am so proud of the strong and loving little boy you are becoming. You have become so nurturing to your baby brother. You are always looking after him.
Behind all the orneriness in your eyes, I see love and compassion for others, especially for your brother and sisters. One of the sweetest things I’ve experienced has been your thoughtfulness – your hand on my shoulder and hearing, “ok, Mommy?”. Those moments can heal a multitude of ailments.
Baby, you have been made in the image of our Creator and are so special and loved by Him and our family.
Ikey, I hope you have the best second birthday possible and feel as loved as you are.
Love, Mommy

It was a wonderful day together, celebrating our sweet boy. Here’s to hoping this next year goes a little more slowly!

Lastly, I will leave you Isaac’s birthday video:



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