Christmas, New Years, Six month birthday
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A Mashup of Christmas, Ollie’s six month birthday, and New Year’s

It’s been a busy, busy, busy few weeks. I know that most families out there understand exactly and this year we added another kid to the mix so it was even crazier for us. I’m talking about the week before Christmas, the week of Christmas, and the week after celebrating the new year. Complete CHAOS. Say it with me: CHA-OS. It feels good to bond with you over our mutual understanding of chaos. We really get each other, huh?


Christmas 2015 was the best Christmas that the Taylor’s have had so far. I hope it was yours too!

Every year I struggle with helping my kids balance the excitement of getting gifts with the true meaning of Christmas and that is God fulfilling all his promises by sending His son to Earth as a baby. That is the greatest gift of all. It’s all very hard to understand when you’re small, so it’s difficult. I want them to know why we are celebrating, but I also want them to experience the joy of gift giving and gift receiving. Do you struggle with this? How does your family find balance?


Our three big kids each asked for one gift that they deemed “most important”.  Elli got an easy-bake oven, Aubi got Doctor supplies (because she wants to be a doctor at the moment), and Isaac got dinosaurs and cars. Seriously, their choice in gifts makes my heart overflow. They are so sweet and innocent. I love it so much.


I didn’t get a picture of her opening the easy-bake oven, so this is her with her art supplies. Elli is the artist in our family. 


Our Christmas was so sweet and simple. We read the bible, relaxed, opened presents, played with everything, and enjoyed each other. I cannot think of how it could’ve been better and I’m so very thankful


In the midst of the chaos of Christmas, my fourth baby, Ollie, turned six months old. He is speeding through this first year of life.


He’s crawling like a pro, into everything, standing and walking around furniture, eating solid food constantly (like, why are you so hungry, boy?), says “ma ma”, “da da”, and “ba ba”.


Isaac seemed like he stayed a baby forever. Actually, I’m pretty sure he still thinks he’s a baby. So, my baby wanting to explore the world is not easy for me. I want to baby him, gosh darnit, and he wants to be a big kid. I’m just kidding. Mostly.


I love how adventurous he is and he does let me baby him some. My two middles let me baby them a lot, though, so it is an adjustment. Thankfully, Aubi and Isaac still love being babied.

I seriously tried to get six month pictures of Ollie but he wasn’t having it. He’s a wild man and won’t hold still.


I thought that maybe I’d take some later but I set that darn six month sticker down and couldn’t find it again. That happens to most people, but when you have three munchkins following you and grabbing anything and everything, it seems to happen even more.


After the chaos of Christmas we traveled to our hometown to visit family for New Years. It was nonstop go, go, go the entire visit to try to see as much family as possible before heading back with our weight in toys in tow. It was very exhausting with our four little ones but so very worth it.

I’m trying to get a regular schedule of blogging but I am just not that great yet. I want this to become an every week update sort of dealio. I sound super cool when I say dealio. Dealio, dealio, dealio.
Hopefully I’ll see you next week!
Love, Livi

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