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The Kidney Stone Gang

I have an excuse as to why I couldn’t write a blog last week but I don’t believe in excuses. Ok, I’ll tell you.

One day last week I started having terrible pains in my side and they were only getting worse as the day went by. Zack took me to the emergency room when it was clear I needed to go.

But what could it be? Oh the suspense!!!!

Ok, yeah, it was a kidney stone – a big one too. It was 9 mm.

Everyone who has had a kidney stone raise your hand. For those of you who aren’t a part of this exclusive club, count yourselves lucky because it ain’t fun.


That is an actual real drawing of what my real kidney stone looked like when I had my ct scan. Terrifying little devil, isn’t he?

Wait, I forgot to tell you that when the doctor went to laser the one stone he found two friends with him!


Ok, here we go. THIS is the actual real drawing of all three 9 mm kidney stones. As you can see, these kidney stones had formed a gang.


Here’s a closer shot the doctor was able to take of the kidney stones. Gives you chills, doesn’t it?


Here’s the picture I sent to Zack as I was getting prepped for surgery. I wanted him to see how scared I was. I promise I was scared even if I don’t look it.

All those fears quickly went away when they started giving me the drugs.


I was feeling pretty good then.


It was a simple procedure and it went perfectly. The gang of kidney stones were torn off of their evil thrown and I am now recovering with the help of my amazing husband.

Thank you everyone for all the prayers. The Lord placed some amazing doctors and nurses there to take care of me and I’m thankful that He gave them the skills, knowledge, and compassion to do what they do. I have been resting and healing this week and I hope to be good as new before long.

I will write another blog post next week! I hope!

Love, Livi

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