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Kids Say It Like It Is

Kids have no filter. None at all. If you want to know the truth about how you look, just ask a child, he/she will show you honesty in its purest form. But you probably shouldn’t because kids are blunt and harsh and mean and they know how to cut you right to your very soul and leave you a mess of the person you once were. Or maybe it’s not that bad…but it is.


Aren’t kids so sweet? He’s two.

And I know everyone can relate to this because everyone has been insulted and/or bullied by a kid at some point in their lives.

I remember once when I was growing up there was a little girl who had a little green front tooth. It looked like she had squished a pea between two of her teeth. Obviously I was being nice to her and she seemed super interested in me. In fact, she wouldn’t stop staring at me. Finally, with a look of pure disgust, she asks, “Why are your teeth so yellow?”
Excuse me, Pea Tooth? You’re going to criticize my MY teeth? Really?


Actual drawing of Pea Tooth.

Well, I grew up and gave birth to four pea tooths. Not the pea tooth part, the part where they say insanely rude things all the time. Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I really want to hurl the insults back. For the record, I come up with some really great zingers in my head.


This past Wednesday night at church Elli (6) actually told our pastor’s wife that she was “so creepy” for giving her candy. I could’ve died right on the spot.


Then there’s the time I took Aubi (4) to Hobby Lobby and we passed a man who came about to my chin in stature. As we passed by Aubi wondered loudly to herself, “What a small, tiny, little man!” It’s amazing how fast you can sprint while pushing a cart in Hobby Lobby.


And I swear that at least once a week Aubi will tell me how bad my breath smells or how “dross” I am. She told Zack he was too fat to sleep on the couch the other day. When he told her that wasn’t nice she said very seriously, “But you are fat…and you won’t fit on the couch.” Like, duh.


Being a parent will either make you incredibly self conscious or will harden you into an emotionless being that doesn’t give a dang what anyone says about them.

You can be the best teacher, leader, role model to your kids and they will still say things that will make your insides melt and make you want to crawl under a rock and never come out again.

I choose to use the times when they do this to me as teachable moments and laugh as often as I can. I mean, after all, they are kids.

Tell me about a time your child or a child you know said something mortifying or borderline abusive to you in a comment and, please, “like” and share this post with your friends!

Love, Livi


  1. Cierra F says

    One time, Holden (6 at the time) was watching me put on my makeup….which I thought was a tad creepy. He just kept looking at me. After looking at me for sometime, he says, “Why do you have those red dots all over your face?” Uhhhhh! Time to order proactive!

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  2. Lindsay says

    I’ve had a child ask me why I had those marks all over my belly before. I mean how do you explain that lol. At the time I had never been pregnant, it was simply due to being overweight. She looked mortified when she asked me too lol.

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