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About Us: Korean Edition

This post is about my family. A way to get to know us a little better, if you will. And I will.

If you don’t already know, my husband Zack is half Korean. His mom immigrated to the United States from Korea while pregnant with him. His dad is not Korean. So he’s half Korean. I know, I know, I’m really good at math. Like, really good.

Now we need to do math again to figure out how Korean our kids are. Ready? So since Zack’s half Korean and I’m not Korean, that makes our kids one quarter Korean!

Confession: I’m not that great at math. It was all an elaborate ruse. But Zack actually is great at math. I won’t say that it’s because he’s part Asian because that would be stereotyping.

Anywho, I love this part of our family – I love Korean culture, I love the food…. THE FOOD! The food is amazing. If you haven’t had Korean food, then you are seriously missing out.

My kids being a quarter Korean is incredibly special to me and it is very important to both me and Zack that we teach our kids about their Korean heritage and incorporate it into our lives.

One way we do this is by learning to cook Korean dishes and letting the kids help. It’s a fun learning adventure for all of us. A delicious adventure.

And now we get to experience another part of Korean culture because, just recently, we had some great friends of ours give us a hanbok for each of the kids! Which is amazing!

Trivia: hanbok is the traditional dress of Korea. It’s more of a formalwear nowadays and is worn for birthdays, weddings, or when mom wants to take adorable pictures.

And take pictures I shall!



Elli, age 6

Elli is our blonde haired, blue eyed Korean princess.

Hanbok is known for it’s vibrant and beautiful colors.



Aubi, age 4

All of the flowers on the girls’ dresses are hand painted and the head pieces are so beautiful.



Isaac, age 2

It’s amazing how fast Isaac (2) can run in his hanbok when Ollie (8 months) can’t move at all. Ollie is an imobile Royal Korean potato prince in his hanbok. As regal as they come.



Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset

Oliver, age 8 months

The history and traditions of hanbok is an interesting subject and I really cannot do it justice, so if you’d like to read more about hanbok and other traditional Korean clothes click here.

Well, that’s a little more insight into the Taylors’ world. I hope you have enjoyed it.

Summary: we’re Korean!

Now, tell me in a comment about a tradition you are or will be passing on to your children!

Love, Livi


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