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Ollie Turns Nine Months

I’m running very behind on writing this blog post. Ollie turned nine months on March 22nd and its almost time to write the blog about him turning ten months. I actually wrote this a couple weeks ago but never got around to posting it to my blog. Most days I’m running on empty just trying to get everything done and accomplished for the day.

I don’t know how you other moms take pictures with your kids wearing the month stickers. Ollie would rather eat his. Maybe you’re all just sneakier than I am.

I tried sneaking it on his head like last month but he’s caught onto my tricks. Nope. That sticker lasted less than a second before it was a crumpled mess.

I did finally figure out that putting him in his crib is the perfect way to trap him for pictures.

Nine month old Ollie has two teeth on the bottom, is very mobile, can climb, walk around furniture, babble, laugh, and loves to play with his siblings.

He is still very adventurous and outgoing but has become super clingy to Zack and myself. More so than usual. He loves chatting it up with everyone as long as he’s doing it from the safety of our arms.

He’s such a blessing. Always so happy and loving. He’s started giving us kisses when we ask for them and sometimes when we don’t. They are the most slobbery and sweetest of kisses.



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