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An Embarrassing Tale

What’s the most cringe-inducing, most embarrassing moment your kids pulled on you over the weekend? Was it a tantrum? Was it something disgusting they did? Would you like to hear our story? It just might make you feel better about your own moment. It’s not a long one, don’t worry.


I’m telling our pastor and his family (who we love like our own) about how the girls were asking me some big, whopping theological questions that I was having a hard time answering. Things like “If God is all-powerful why didn’t he stop Adam from eating the apple?” and other tough questions that I am not well-equipped on answering. 

I know, I know. I know what you must be thinking! My kids are so mature and, dare I say, sophisticated? Can’t you just imagine us sitting around discussing theology over tea and cucumber sandwiches? That’s probably exactly what happens. Probably.  

(Side Note: our pastor loves teasing our kids and they love the attention and love to tease him back but they also love to say inappropriate things. That’s a baaaad combination.)

So, he asks the girls if they have any questions for him about free will and sin. Without missing a single beat Aubi yells at him in a fit of giggles, “I’ve got a question about your butt!”

The girls roar with laughter and pound the table with their fists, while I bury my face in my hands and try to telekinetically transport myself anywhere else. Anywhere. “I’ve got a question about your butt.” She really did say that. Whyyyyy, though? Because she’s five and butts are hilarious. 

Now you know the truth about the Taylors and our sophisticated fanciness. Butt jokes. That’s where we are – butt jokes. 

So, yep. That happened. And no one was offended or anything. He has kids and understands, but that doesn’t make me any less mortified! 

Share your stories with me! What’s an embarrassing thing your child has said or done?


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