Friday Musings
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Friday Musings- Ch.2 First Week of School

Week 1 of the new school year is almost over and it’s been a great start to our new school routine. It hardly went smoothly and almost nothing happened the way I planned, but as Shakespeare said “expectation is the root of all heartache” and I definitely did not expect anything to go as planned. 

 Hey! Will you look at that?! Not even a little heartache in the Taylor home! That Shakespeare must really know what he’s talking about. 

So now, with week one coming to a close, my goal for next week is to keep working towards being and doing better and learning more and more each week. One of the most amazing parts of this journey is how much I’m learning right there with them – how to be more organized, which learning systems are best, what their individual learning styles are, how much coffee I can drink before I explode…important stuff. 

If I can teach my kids one thing it would be a love of learning. I want them to never stop looking for answers to all those burning questions bouncing around inside their heads. For us, homeschool isn’t a place or an activity we do during the day. Homeschool is a way of thinking and approaching life. It’s to see every opportunity as a learning opportunity and a chance to expand our thoughts, skills, and knowledge and I want this to never end for any of them.

School curriculum and thoughts:

This was our first week using Reading Eggs and Math Seeds and, so far, it’s been amazing. The girls cannot get enough. All day long they are begging for more and having a blast. The apps had them do placement tests to see where they needed to be and both of them placed a little bit behind where they actually are but it was because they weren’t listening or following directions. But, I thought that them doing a review isn’t a bad thing and also learning how to better follow directions. Plus, they are speeding through it and are almost caught up already in just a week. The problems are very similar to our horizons curriculum we used last year. I sit right there with them to help and guide them but they are better able to work solo than they were before and that’s great for us since we have two very demanding toddlers in our home and sometimes disaster strikes and I have to dash away at a moment’s notice. 

The absolute BEST thing about these homeschool apps is that it is strengthening their love for learning. They realize they’re learning but then they don’t either. Yes, I realize that I make no sense. I like being mysterious. They’re having so much fun playing their school games that they don’t realize how much they’re learning. 

Another daily routine we do is reading books together and playing math games using dominoes and dice. 

Oh! And before I forget, on Monday we went to our homeschool group’s “Not Back to School” party. We met so many new amazing people and I’m looking forward to meeting more. Next week we will attend our first co op! Eek! I’m really looking forward to going to co op every Friday!


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