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CH.3 Adventure at The Fort

This past weekend we got to go on an adventure with Zack to The Fort in Fort Smith, AR. The history there is amazing. It’s one of our favorite places to explore. You can tour the building, there are beautiful walkways and a park right on the river.

I love those relaxing, carefree days of adventure with the family. They are the best. 

We also went to gymnastics where I unknowingly went with my pants inside out. We went to church and learned about church history which was very informative and interesting. 

One of the most exciting parts of the week was signing up for co op and classes. The girls each get three classes. Elli chose social studies, earth science, and incredible edibles. Aubi chose PE, earth science, and incredible edibles. Isaac will be with the preschool class and Ollie will be with me except for the hour that I’ll be assisting in the preschool room. 

I found out that they will also be having pictures taken like school pictures. How cute is that?!

Taylor kid updates- 

The girls are doing great with school. Aubrey’s reading her sight words and mathing like a pro. Elli is progressing and doing great too – her favorite subject is American history. 

Ollie is a wild little thing. He has a tremendous amount of energy. He’s not quite as snuggly as Aubi and Isaac were but he is very generous with his kisses, at least where momma is concerned. 

And Isaac has been telling me he loves me all the time and you really cannot hear that too much. Every time makes my heart leap for joy. 

Tomorrow we are going back to the tea shop to have a tea party with our pastor’s wife and daughter. The girls have been wanting to go with them for weeks and the excitement in the house is brimming over. 

This week I’ve been doing some Fall cleaning. Fall cleaning is for those who are extra cleanly and all the moms who missed the mark on Spring cleaning. I fall into the latter category. Slowly but surely order is coming to our household again. 

Hello, order! Goodbye, chaos!

Maybe a routine will be next?! I hope so!

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