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CH. 5 First Day of Homeschool Co op

This week was another busy one. We started out our week by making a crazy one day trip to St. Louis and back. So twelve hours on the road altogether. But we survived and it was fun. 

Us at the Botanical Gardens

We got back home and back to homeschooling and gymnastics in the evening. 

Elli and I got to go just the two of us to speech therapy this week and she was thrilled to have some girl time with me. Afterwards we got some cake pops as a special treat. Zack and I have been talking about how we really need to start having regular dates with each kid individually. It means so much to them and we need to have more deep and meaningful talks with them to learn about their precious little hearts and minds. 

cake pops!

Friday was super exciting – it was our first day of homeschool co op! Elli is in 2nd grade, Aubi is in kindergarten, and Isaac is in preschool. I’m very excited our this new adventure and the kids are having a blast! So far, this has been an amazing experience. 

first day of co op

Elli chose social studies, earth science, and incredible edibles. Aubi chose PE, earth science, and incredible edibles. 

Overall this was a great week. I said that I was going to work on a permanent daily schedule buuuut that didn’t happen. This week is the week. I’m just sure of it. 

Week 35 of my 52 Week Project

Our busyness is exhausting sometimes but I truly love it. I love getting to spend all my time with my family, teaching them and learning with them.

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