Friday Musings
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Friday Musings – CH.6

I’m running a couple days behind. Maybe I should change this to Sunday Musings since Friday’s have become one of our busiest days. I’m just going to run through the weeks high points really quick. 

 1. I’m going to talk about Isaac’s new passion – fighter planes. We got a book on fighter planes and it has become his obsession. We look at the pictures and read it Every. Single. Day. He takes it with him everywhere. It’s seriously the cutest thing ever. And he’s getting so good at identifying the different types of planes. It’s an Usborne book – we LOVE Usborne. 

 2. Aub had an interesting moment while taking a reading test this week: 

Aubi was taking a reading test on the iPad and I was apparently not being considerate because she yells “Be quiet!!! I’m trying to get a gold medal and I cannot miss anymore!!!” 
Me- “Goodness gracious! I’ll be quiet.”
iPad- “Click on the sentence that says ‘The fox has on socks'”
Aubi- “Hmmm. Well, this one says “The fox shot the other fox” so it cannot be that one.”
Me- “What kind of test are you taking?”
I look at it and read “The fox is in the box.”
Aubi logic: when in doubt, make up an interesting story and hope for the best. 

 3. Elli’s had a funny moment with her math: 

I found her working out 11-4 by using all ten of her fingers and one big toe. 

 4. Ollie had his first bath with the big kids AND liked it!

 5. We went to an art festival celebrating an event called The Unexpected hosted by JUSTKIDS in downtown Fort Smith. It’s a movement to bring contemporary art to the city. Artists from all over the world come create murals and sculptures all over the city. It’s truly amazing. This was the second year they’ve done it and I’m so thankful that we got to take the kids to see the art as it was being created. 

 6. Friday was out second week of co op. The kids are loving it. We are part of such an amazing community and are truly blessed. 

 7. Week 36 of my 52 week project:

8. Another funny moment:

I really think I will probably be doing Sunday Musings from now on. Sunday’s seem to be a better day for me. 😊

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