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Isaac’s 3rd Birthday



Dear Isaac,

It is April 25th, 2017 and today I realized that I never wrote you a birthday letter for your third birthday. I know you must love these letters more than life itself. No doubt this one will sit on your bedside table as your most prized possession. It is exactly four months and ten days late BUT it could be later and that is what we should focus on. I want to tell you a little bit about yourself at the age of three. You are the most snuggly, sweet, ornery, and stubborn little boy. I love all the snuggles you give me and store them up in my heart. A day will come when those snuggles won’t be for me anymore, so I will treasure them while I have them. You and Aubi are both very, very snuggly. Elli doesn’t sneak into bed with us anymore, but you do every single night and Aubi does fairly often too. You curl up close to me and nuzzle in. You did this this morning, actually. I really needed get up, but I just couldn’t bear the thought of missing out on a moment of those precious snuggles, so I stayed and enjoyed you.
You are so, so very ornery. I think you’ve learned a lot of this from Aubi, but a lot of it is all your own. Teasing Elli is learned from Aubi, but you have a distinct orneriness that is all you. Your current favorite joke is whispering to me that you need to tell me something important. And you’d think, wouldn’t you, that the number of times you’ve done this to me that I would have you figured out, but you just look so sincere that you get me nearly every time. Then, as you lean in close to my ear you shout “BUTTHOLE!” at the top of your lungs. Thus, the hearing aids I will need as an old, deaf lady will be your responsibility. Oh, you think you’re sooooo funny, don’t you? Just wait until you have to repeat yourself 100 times to grumpy old Mommy. We’ll see who’s laughing then.
You’re very stubborn too. You definitely take after your sisters with that. You’re not a wild as Ollie, though. But, stubbornness quickly turns to boldness and I am confident that you will be very bold in spirit. I know you will be an incredible force for the kingdom of God as you grow up. You will be bold and sure, but also soft and loving in sharing the gospel. I pray everyday that The Lord will make you his own and that your life will be to His glory.
And you are so sweet. You are my Baby Lion. I will probably tell you why I call you Baby Lion, but I will write it here for you as well. The story is that during one of your stubborn spells I accidentally convinced you to do what I wanted (take a nap I believe) by calling you a baby lion. You loved it and immediately started pretending to be a baby lion. That was many, many months ago and it still works. You will be so angry about going to bed until we suggest that “the Baby Lion go lie down in his lion’s nest” which is just code for go to bed. Sometimes I will even twist the blankets into something that looks nest-like. I’m pretty cool like that. Don’t forget how cool I am. You call me “Mommy Lion” and Daddy “Daddy Lion”. You’re very much a daddy’s boy and definitely a man’s man. You love hanging around the adult men and playing the part yourself. You love going special places with Daddy, especially if that special place is the lake to go fishing.
Isaac, you are so very special and loved by our family. I pray that you grow up to be a man who loves The Lord with all of your heart. I pray that you serve him in all that you do. Never forget that there is forgiveness and hope in Jesus Christ. I also pray for your future wife and that she will also love The Lord with all of her heart and will also serve Him. I pray that you will love her as Jesus loved the church and as your Daddy has loved me. You have a great Daddy that is setting a great example of how a Godly husband should act. I pray that your wife will love and respect you and I hope I have set a good example for that as well, thought I could be better. I love you, Baby Lion, and I love her too, though I have yet to meet her. Happy Belated Third Birthday! Love, Mommy Lion

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