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Elli’s 8th Birthday



Dear Elli,
It is six weeks past your eighth birthday and I am only now writing your birthday letter. I’m sorry, baby girl. I’ll do better. Maybe. Well, probably some years.
Oh, Elli. Elli, Elli, Elli. You are so awesome. I don’t know a better way to describe you. You’re just seriously awesome. I LOVE the way your see the world. You are so gentle and sweet and you see the world through your sweet and gentle eyes. You are always so positive and it really inspires me. You always (ok, not always, because sometimes you get into really grumpy moods where you are so darkly dramatic) ….MOST of the time, you always look on the bright side of things. I love that about you.
This past year has been a very exciting one for you. You started gymnastics, violin lessons, homeschool co op, and we moved to a new town two hours away. We’ve been working very hard with our school lessons. School is going much smoother for you. I have learned a lot and you have learned a lot and we have grown so much. I say we, because you have taught me so much. I hope that I can be a better mommy to you for it.
One thing for sure, you are a very stubborn little girl and will do nothing unless you want to. I cannot force you to do anything. You can be very difficult and strong-willed, but I see that stubborn, strong-will of yours changing into something much more fierce and beautiful. You have become so determined and bold, Elli. You stand up for your beliefs and you are determined to overcome all your obstacles. Over the last couple years, I have suspected that you may have dyslexia because reading was very difficult for you. I had you tested and my suspicions were correct. But it doesn’t matter. You are reading SO well and growing into a beautiful little girl that loves to learn. Reading is hard for you, but you love to learn and never give up and almost never get frustrated. What could be a huge obstacle to overcome, has instead been an incredible mountain that you’re joyfully journeying over. I truly love getting to be your mommy AND your teacher. It isn’t always easy for either of us, but I love getting to learn right alongside you.
Something else that i love about you is your imagination. You are so creative and draw, paint and color every single day. You see the world in such a unique way and your drawings reflect that. This is something that makes your VERY special. Never lose this part of you.
You are still as thoughtful, sweet, and caring as ever. I don’t think you can be anything but those things. I’m so proud of you. This past year, you have gained so much maturity not only in behavior and character, but also in your understanding of The Word of God. You understand things in the bible that I only just started to comprehend over the last few years. Continue in your character of studying His Word. This is such a valuable trait to have.
Elli, I pray every day that you will love and serve The Lord with all your soul, sprit, and mind. I pray that your life will be a testament of His love and that everything you do will be to His glory. I also pray for your future husband and that he, too, will love and serve The Lord. I pray that he loves you and is a good Godly man and that you love him and are the Godly woman he, too, has prayed for. You both will be strong members of the body of Christ as long as you keep your focus on Him and His Kingdom.
I love you, Jelly Bean. In a million years, I could never deserve a daughter as sweet and loving as you. You make me smile everyday.
Love, Mommy

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