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Sunday Musings CH.8

The last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy. I’ve fallen behind keeping up with my Musings series. I’d promise to do better, but I’d probably be lying.  1. This past weekend I photographed my first wedding. She is a dear friend of mine and it was a wonderful experience and I felt so privileged that she asked and trusted me to photograph her special day.  My girls are getting to an age where they enjoy spending quality time with their dad and I. They’ve been daddy’s girls since they were old enough to choose him over me and always love having special time with just him and the only time anyone ever chooses me is if Elli feels sorry for me, because Elli is very compassionate and feels deeply for others. – but her choosing me out of pity, surprisingly, doesn’t make me feel very wanted. BUT lately her and Aubi have been enjoying spending time with just me and, boy oh boy, does it make my heart happy. Elli was so excited by …


Sunday Musings- CH.7

Another week and another chapter of Friday Musings posted on Sunday. Sunday’s are easier for me to write these so I’m just going to go ahead and change this to Sunday Musings and be done with it.  Here we go: 1. Last weekend we visited with Zack’s dad at Lake Eafaula. The kids were so happy to see their papa. Elli has always called him Bald Papa because he’s bald (obviously) and my dad Papa With Hair…because he has hair. It’s an efficient and to the point kind of system.  Isaac was cracking us up because he kept calling him “Grandfather” and we aren’t sure where that came from. He’s never called him that before.  Elli has such a precious tender heart. She was so emotional seeing her Papa after many months.  Zack’s dad is on his way to live in New Mexico for a few months so it’ll be awhile before the kids see him again.  2. Homeschool was really difficult for us this week. We all struggled. I wrote this for myself this …