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Quarterly Goals- Take One

Hello! I’ve decided to start a new quarterly ambitions system for myself and, to help keep myself accountable, I’m going to share it on my blog with all of you. I was going to call these goals but ambitions sound so much more…awesome? I’m not sure but it sounds better, doesn’t it? I hope that along the way I’ll get to inspire others to create and conquer their own ambitions (sounds good, right?) and to get inspired myself. 🙂 

It’s not a long list – just five things but it still feels monstrous and scary to me. When I do my next quarterly ambitions I’ll also do an update on how I did with these. Will a fail? Will I be victorious? Who knows! It’s a mystery! 

I will keep going with my personal 52 week photo challenge. I’ve been bombarding everyone on Facebook with a picture of each of my four kids every week for the past half year. I’m halfway done with it now and feeling super confident about how much I’ve grown, but I don’t need to get comfortable and forget to keep pushing myself to be better. So my goal is to continue growing. 

This one is a bit overwhelming for me. There’s just so many things to do. My mind spins whenever I start thinking about it all. I need to work on my website and portfolio. I need to create a price list. I need to start a Facebook page. I don’t even know where to begin! Taking steps towards opening a photography business is much more realistic for me than actually starting a photography business. I’m being a bit of a weeny with this ambition. 

I want to set myself a realistic goal of blogging once a week but I also want to set myself a higher goal of something like three times a week. I’m going to start mixing in helpful posts with the family updates and stories that I already share. If you have any ideas for me to write on, please share them with me. I would love to hear them.

Now this one is completely out of my comfort zone but also something I’ve wanted to do for awhile. So for this ambition I need to develop a clear cut idea of what kinds of videos I will be making and then go from there. Funny? Family updates? Business updates? Inspirational? Helpful? All of the above?

 I really struggle with routine and schedule at home and with the kids, especially when it comes to homeschooling. I need to work on being more diligent about having a routine and schedule so we can have more productive days and learn that much more. 
That’s all I got for my first set of quarterly ambitions. In October I will write an update of new ambitions and if I conquered these or whether they conquered me. If you have any suggestions to help me with my ambitions, questions about ambitions, or would like to share your ambitions then please leave me a comment or send me a message. Just get ahold of me somehow. We can encourage each other to follow through with our ambitions!



Aubi is Five

Dear Aubi,

Today you are five. Five years ago, early in the morning, I held your tiny body in my arms for the first time. For five full years you have been making us smile, laugh, and so filled with joy!

My prayer for you is that I show you patience and grace as The Lord has shown me patience and grace. I pray that I teach you the ways of The Lord and that your life will be a testament to His love and mercy. I pray that in everything that you do, you will glorify Him. If you follow The Lord and make Him Lord of your life, then all my prayers will have been answered.

The Lord has given you many gifts and skills, Aubi Roo. You are so intelligent and advanced for your age. We’ve been working through a kindergarten math book and you are just breezing through it like its nothing. You are bold, determined, and spunky. You can be quite headstrong at times, but I know that these characteristics of yours are that of a leader and you will do great things in your lifetime.

I love who you are and the person who you are becoming. I love that I get to be involved in that process and I promise that I will provide you with all the tools available to be the very best YOU that you can be. 

You have grown astronomically over the past year. I have seen you grow in generosity, thoughtfulness, and empathy. You are a loving sister and are always looking for ways to take care of your younger brothers and ways to love your older sister. Your daddy and I are so blessed to have you as our daughter. You always keep us laughing with your quick wit and you always keep our hearts warm with your cuddles and hugs. 

Tomorrow we will be celebrating you with a bbq and a party. Elli had a TMNT birthday party already this year so you’ve asked for a Raphael party to differentiate yourself from her. Very clever. We have been making the decorations today and will be making the cake soon. And tomorrow you are getting your ears pierced! You do NOT have a high pain tolerance so it will probably be interesting. I’ve told you that it will hurt a bit, but you are showing off that boldness of yours and are determined to go through with it. 

Happy Fifth Birthday, Aubrey Rae! We love you so very much!

Love, Mommy

Oliver Turns One 

Hello, friends! I haven’t been posting to my blog like I wanted to. I will be better! I am determined to make this a habit!

So, Ollie turned one! A couple weeks ago, but it happened. My baby is on his way to being a toddler, which is hard for a momma to accept. Well, it is for this momma! Here’s some pictures from our celebration and a letter to the birthday boy at the end. 

Dear Ollie, 

Today you are one. To think that it’s been a year since I first held you in my arms is amazing. This year was filled with difficulties and, more importantly, tons upon tons of joy. I marvel constantly at the wonder of The Lord – that he would give us two beautiful daughters and two handsome sons. I am overwhelmed at his goodness. Oliver, your father and I pray for you everyday. That you will grow strong and healthy, that you will grow in Godly character, that The Lord will work in your heart and make you His own, that you will be kind and loving to others, that you will be the man He has created you to be and will honor Him in all that you do. I pray that we give you all the tools you will need in life and teach you the ways of The Lord. Oliver, you are so loved by your family. Your mommy and daddy love you, your big sisters love you and your big brother loves you, and The Lord loves you. 

Over the past year we have been getting to know you more and more and seeing your sweet little personality come to life. You are a joyful boy that loves to laugh and smile. You are determined and bold, you are loving and sweet, you are athletic and energetic. You are so many wonderful things. 

By one you have mastered walking and climbing. (I can’t keep you off the kitchen table.) You are a chatty little thing and can say: daddy, mommy, Elli, bye-bye, hello, no no. You have all your front baby teeth except one stubborn tooth on the bottom left side. You refuse to eat anymore of that squishy baby food and want only what the rest of the family is eating. You must think you’re big stuff, huh? You love playing and keeping up with your older siblings and do a good job of it. 

Oh, and before I wrap this up I have to tell you that your ears are the best! Everyone always tells me how much they love them. They make everyone smile! But NO ONE loves them more than me. They are part of what makes you unique and special. I love the sweet way your eyes crinkle and your mouth stretches across your face all the way to those wonderful ears whenever you smile. I wanted you to know that!

Happy 1st Birthday, Oliver Matthew!!!

I love you,


Ollie Turns Nine Months

I’m running very behind on writing this blog post. Ollie turned nine months on March 22nd and its almost time to write the blog about him turning ten months. I actually wrote this a couple weeks ago but never got around to posting it to my blog. Most days I’m running on empty just trying to get everything done and accomplished for the day.

I don’t know how you other moms take pictures with your kids wearing the month stickers. Ollie would rather eat his. Maybe you’re all just sneakier than I am.

I tried sneaking it on his head like last month but he’s caught onto my tricks. Nope. That sticker lasted less than a second before it was a crumpled mess.

I did finally figure out that putting him in his crib is the perfect way to trap him for pictures.

Nine month old Ollie has two teeth on the bottom, is very mobile, can climb, walk around furniture, babble, laugh, and loves to play with his siblings.

He is still very adventurous and outgoing but has become super clingy to Zack and myself. More so than usual. He loves chatting it up with everyone as long as he’s doing it from the safety of our arms.

He’s such a blessing. Always so happy and loving. He’s started giving us kisses when we ask for them and sometimes when we don’t. They are the most slobbery and sweetest of kisses.